What is Scarlet Treatment For Acne Scars

Scarlet is one of the most advanced treatment of acne scars. Microneedling with Scarlet-S is the most recent and sophisticated treatment for best cosmetic results for acne scar. Since acne scars are quite difficult to treat, however we combine different treatment options along with microneedling which gives superior results.

What Are The Approximate Charges of Scarlet Treatment for Acne Within Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Just to give a comparison, one session of Scarlet-S treatment would cost around Rs 1500-25000 for a single session, depending upon the number of factors.

Is There Any Difference Between Scarlet and Scarlet-S

Since Scarlet-S is the most advanced version and the needles used are also different hence the result are much quicker and you might need less number of sessions as compared to the older version where results are poorer and you might pay more for poor results.